pH in Aquaponics

pHAs with hydroponics, in aquaponics the pH is very important, not only for your plants but for the fish as well. 

What is pH ?
pH is the balance of acidic hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. pH ranges from 0 which is acidic to 14 which is alkaline, a pH reading of pH 7 is neutral.

Why is it important to monitor the pH ?
pH affects the plant growth, and keeps your fish healthy. If the pH levels in your system are not in optimum range your plants and fish will eventually die.

How do i adjust the pH in my nutrient solution ?
Firstly you need to read the current pH of the water. This can be done by using our electronic pH meter. Once you have a reading you need to either add pH Up to increase the pH or pH Down to decrease the pH. These adjustments should always be done in small increments, as the plants as the fish don’t like abrupt large changes.

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