Hydroponics – ” Growing without soil “
At its most basic form, hydroponics refers to a method of growing vegetables and plants without the soil or dirt, whereby water and nutrients are used to feed the plants. Hydroponics is more efficient and productive than traditional gardening and farming.  Water usage is greatly minimized and plant spacing can be much closer.


What will grow in my hydroponics system ?
Nearly any plant or vegetable can be grown hydroponically, all of the readily available produce will do very well eg lettuce and leafy greens, tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers, peppers, herbs. Systems are also used in growing orchids and flowers.

Benefits of a hydroponic system
• Vegetables taste better than conventional methods.
• Space requirements are minimal.
• Low water consumption.
• No soil borne diseases, due to no soil in use and hence no pesticide in use either.
• Used indoors and outdoors.
• Can be setup virtually anywhere.
• Labor, maintenance are greatly reduced.

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