Aeroponic Systems

What is an Aeroponic System ?
In an aeroponic setup the roots hang in the air and are misted / sprayed. The timer will spray for a few seconds every couple of minutes. The water / nutrient solution delivers all the nutrients that the plants need during spraying phase then when off the plant thrives on the available oxygen, this is the perfect environment for rapid and healthy growth of your plants and vegetables.


What can i grow in an aeroponics system ?
All your typical vegetables will grow in an aeroponics system eg, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beans etc.

Peppers, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and peppers

What are the components in the aeroponics unit ?
The system uses a reservoir for the nutrient, a circulating pump connected to a timer, and pumps the nutrient solution to a sprayer bar that sprays the nutrient onto the roots of your crops. The plants are planted in net pots with grow media for support.

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