DWC Systems

What is a DWC system ?
A DWC or Deep Water Culture system is one of the simplest active hydroponic systems. The roots get their nutrient and oxygen by hanging from a raft which floats on top of the nutrient in the reservoir. Power consumption is low as this type of unit will only use an airpump and there is no need for a circulating pump or timer.

Deep Water Culture Diagram

What can i grow in my DWC system ?
A wide range of vegetables and plants are able to grow in this environment, commonly lettuce, leafy greens, green peppers and herbs.

Vegetable that grow in a dwc system. What components are used in a DWC system ?
In a DWC sytem you will need a reservoir, an airpump and airstone for oxygen in the nutrient solution and a support for the net pots, either a fixed position or raft type.

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