All plants need light in order to grow, light creates life.  In hydroponics, a garden or farm can be setup either indoors or outdoors. Outdoors being more favorable as sunlight is free. Certain aspects need to be considered when finding the right location to setup.

Certain plants have different light requirements, check your plants requirements to find the perfect location and plant vegetables that have roughly the same light requirements. Some like full sun, some shade and so on.

When planning an indoor system, lighting is very important, normal inside lightning will not suffice and you will need specific lights for your system. There is quite a range of indoor lighting possibilities ranging from HPS High Pressure Sodium bulbs, HID High Intensity Discharge, MH Metal Halide and LED units.

LED lighting

Our LED units utilize both the Blue and Red frequencies of the colour spectrum, as used by NASA in their projects. This creates a great mix of red and blue that suits both growth and photosynthesis for your plants.

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