Nutrient Film Technique

Hydroponic vegetable plantationWhat is a NFT system ?
or Nutrient Film Technique systems use a constant flow of nutrient solution.  The system uses an elevated grow tray / gully and a reservoir, whereby the nutrient solution is pumped to each gully, typically a pipe / tube and flows over the roots and returns to the reservoir. The plants are set in net pots and the roots sit directly in the flow of nutrient, the roots will grow in the flow of nutrient and above, thus getting the perfect mix of nutrients and oxygen.


What can i grow in a NFT system ?
Lettuce is one of the most common crops to plant in a NFT setup but most other veggies, leafy green and herbs can be used.

lettuce-head lettuce-nft






What are the components of a NFT system ?
A nft system requires a reservoir for the nutrient, optional but preferable airpump and airstone for oxygen in the nutrient solution, and a circulating pump to deliver the nutrient to the plants. The system also uses grow channels or gullys, net pots and a grow medium typically LECA for the plants.

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