Hydroponic Nutrients

hydroponic nutrientsPlants cannot live on water alone, in Hydroponics we use a nutrient solution made up of macro and micro nutrients, which delivers the specific nutrients and minerals that your plants need when they need it.

What does NPK mean ?
When buying nutrient for your hydroponic system you need to take note of the NPK values. This is the nitrogenphosphorus and potassium rating of the nutrient these are some of the macro nutrients found in the nutrient solution. These number are significant because they are a guide to the concentration and composition of the nutrient. Different combinations of NPK values are used for various stages in the plants life cycle.

What are trace elements ?
Trace elements are the micro nutrients found in your nutrient solution, they are needed in much smaller quantities than their macro counterparts. Combined with the macro nutrients, they supply everything your plants need. You will commonly find these just after the NPK values on the packaging. Typical traces would include Fe – iron, Zn – zinc, CU – copper, B – boron, Cl – chlorine, Mn – manganese, Ni – nickel, and S – sulfur.


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