Welcome to Hydroponics World

Welcome to Hydroponics World, the online store is now up and running. Check out the On Sale section for some of our launch specials and deals.

We have created this site to provide you with the knowledgetools and equipment you’ll need to grow plants and vegetables with hydroponics & aquaponics, for either you and your family or for profit and commercial farming.

In the online store you will find everything you need to start growing your vegetables and plants right now, or visit the other various areas to gain an understanding of growing plants and vegetables with hydroponics.

The blog will have ongoing articles and tips on growing and maintaining healthy vegetables and plants.  Our hydroponics & aquaponics sections offer articles, techniques and ideas for various systems, providing you with the essential info you need when starting out or building a new system.

If you need some help or more info or a custom system designed and built,  just let us know, we are here to help.