310mm LED Grow Light


LED grow lights are perfect for indoor hydroponics and gardening. Our square 310mm X 310mm unit utilizes both the RED and BLUE fequencies of the colour spectrum, this is very important for good growth and photosynthesis of your plants.

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The LED array is setup so that the red and blue light will mix to create the best possible range of light for growth stimulation and is suitable for all stages of your plants growth.

The unit is designed for low energy consumption and generates minimal heat, and there is no need for extra cooling fans. The unit is lightweight and can be mounted or hung above your grow bed.

LED grow lights are ideal for growing any vegetable or plant indoors, most commonly lettuce, parsley, thyme, basil, micro-greens, sprouts, peppers, tomatoes, orchids, and roses etc.

Additional information

Power Output


Power Voltage

80 – 265V

Expected Lifespan

20,000 hours


Indoors Only