What is aquaponics ?
Aquaponics in its basic form is the growth and cultivation of fish and plants together in a balanced recycling system. It is the science of combining aqua-culture and hydroponics into a very productive way of growing your vegetables and fish at the same time.

What plants can i grow in an aquaponics system ?
All the common vegetables and plants will grow in an aquaponics system, for instance tomatoes, spring onions, leafy greens, peppers, cucumbers and herbs.

Vegetable that grow in a dwc system.

What fish can i grow in the system ?
One of the most common species, here in South Africa and around the world, is the various Tilapia species, but almost any fish species will suffice.

What are the components need for an aquaponics system ?
In an aquaponics system, you need a reservoir or tank for the fish and growbeds for your plants. You need a air pump and air stone for oxygen for the fish and a circulating pump to deliver the water to the growbeds, typically in a flood and drain method using a drain or siphon to return the water to the tank.

A basic aquaponics system diagram

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