Chelated Iron 100g


Iron Chelate / Chelated Iron is a water soluble complex of Iron, Sodium and a Chelating Agent. Iron chelate is used in treating chlorosis (yellowing of leaves), a condition where the plants leaves cant produce enough chlorophyll.
The iron chelate solution can be used in hydroponics, aquaponics and conventional gardening, and can be applied as a foliar spray or mixed into the growing medium of choice.

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For a Foliar Application use 5g / 10L water. Thoroughly wet the foliage. Apply the solution weekly until the symptoms of chlorosis disappear.

For Pot Plants use 1g / 10L water. Used monthly in conjunction with normal watering.

For soil application use 5 g / 1L water. Use this solution once a month, applied evenly around the affected plant then followed up with normal watering to transport the iron to the root system.